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Subscribe to Business Class

This is business class 1 year subscription, not only you get all of our top shelf offers included in the Entire Library subscription, but also additional benefits:

  • No more guess work of how this works. This package includes 4 hours of online consulting / training – on how to use our templates. This is done via Skype or other online platform, allowing one on one consulting. Training times need to be planned in advance.
  • You will get first access to new template and character designs
  • You will get the new templates and characters first
  • Up to 5 users from your organisation can have simultaneous access to all of the e-learning templates and characters
  • And did we say it, yes we did, but just to be sure you will get 1056 templates and 270 characters, as well as all the new templates we will develop over next 12 months.
  • You can cancel or downgrade your subscription any time.┬áBillled annually until cancelled. That means 4h of consulting and all other benefits will be available in year 2 as well.
  • Offer available till 30th of June, 2017